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Improve your strategy and boost your profits with business coaching.

I help my clients own a business that meets their financial goals and lifestyle.

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You’re great at what you do, but can you win the clients you need?

So many small businesses and freelancers are experts at delivering client work. But building a healthy pipeline of clients requires a completely different skillset.

Perhaps you’re just starting out, or perhaps you’ve made some progress so far. But the reality is you need the right approach to build a sustainable and profitable business.

That’s where I come in.

Together we’ll identify your ideal client type and I’ll work with you to build a business development strategy that will meet your financial and lifestyle goals.

If you’re tired of  feeling uncertain, working for low-paying clients, or worrying where the next customer will come from, I am the business coach for you.

Maybe your pricing isn’t where it should be, your services aren’t fully aligned with your ideal clients, or you’re having difficulty building a client base. Perhaps you need some training to develop your team.

I’m the business coach who can help you. With two decades of business development, sales and marketing experience under my belt, as well as five+ years as a successful business owner myself, you can trust I have the skills to take your business to the next level.

Finally, you can move past the self-doubt and enjoy life, and business, on your terms.


1:1 Business Coaching

Business coaching for ambitious business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs ready for growth. Get the personal help you need to improve your strategy and boost your profits.

Live Group Training

Join my “Few Clients to New Clients” live group training. Master the key skills and take new approaches to growing your client base. Perfect for those early days of running a business. 

VIB Strategy Day

For ambitious business owners ready for growth. Gain massive insights from other group members and leap to the next level with a powerful strategy behind you.

What my clients say…

“She’s exactly the kind of straight-talking, caring, brilliant coach you want in your corner. Thanks again, Helen!

– Kaz Macey, K Macey Writing Services

“Having just completed Helen’s programme, I would highly recommend her to any freelancer starting out, or to those (like me) that want to grow their client base and project pipeline.

– Helen Copeland, Freelance Energy Writer

“Helen has helped me to really understand what I want to be known for and how to engage with my target audience.

– Kyle, Agency Owner

Helen Coston

The Ethical Business Coach

Based on PACE—performance, attitude, clarity, and eliminating hurdles—my coaching style focuses on helping you uncover your true vision, not giving cookie-cutter advice. I’m currently training with the Ethical Coaching Company to deepen my skills at an IOL-accredited level 5 (aiming for fellowship).

Ethical coaching isn’t just important to me—it’s part of who I am. My approach mixes coaching and training, adapting to what you need, whether that’s clarity, mindset shifts, or practical skills.

This hybrid style has roots in my own journey; I’ve been where you are, having built a six-figure business myself from the ground up. I bring both the theories and the hard-earned lessons of that experience to our sessions, ready to help you confidently navigate your path.

Visit my About page to find out more.

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Wondering which option is right for you?

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